Almost a fairy tale view of a street at dusk. Can't help but love a scene like this.
We only had one night here, but in retrospect, wish it was two or three.
Tower view at dusk.
Climbing this tower was fun, although there was quite a bit of huffing and puffing before reaching the top. The starway got narrower and narrower as we reached the top. The opening onto the catwalk was just big enough to crawl through. See other images for views from the top.
This is a peaceful view reminiscent of midieval times. 
 Rothenburg is a prime example of a walled medieval town - one of the only ones left in Germany. For the best view of the town and surrounding countryside, we climbed one of the surrounding towers.  You can walk for 1.5-miles on top of the wall, although we didn't make it that far.
City center.
No shortage of restaurants and shopping.
Inside the  "Weihnachsdorf"
Closer view of the tower.
Panoramic view of Rothenburg from atop the tower.
Birdseye view from the tower.

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