Fun camel ride
Very patient camel.
Setup for a program at the pyramids.
Headless camel, or so it appears
Camels in the desert
View of the many areas where ancient Eygptians buried their dead
Early morning view of the Nile river and Luxor. 
Waiting for baloons to be inflated
A couple of our companion baloons.
Lighting up the pre-dawn sky,
Farmlands along the Nile.
Harvesting here hasn't changed in centuries.
Sunset on the Nile.
Our last evening celebration on the Nile.
Local yacht.
Hotel in Egypt on shores of the Dead Sea
Hotel lobby
View from the hotel tower looking East to the Dead Sea.
Camels on the move.
Immense structures Built 2000 B.C.
Fabricating, positioning, carving these must have been a massive project.
View of the moon from inside.
Huge obelisk made rrom a single stone.
Another view of an obelisk at night.
Multi-story shopping mall near our hotel in Cairo.

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