Most of these images are local and were taken within walking or driving distance from our home in Longmont, Colorado. Mt Wilson and Brainard are exceptions.​​​​​​​
Late Day Sunset

Sailing Club at Union Reservoir

The sky was full of smoke and haze from the California forest fires.

Fall Reflections

Boulder Flatirons at Sunrise

Purple Hues at Sundown

Fall Reflections 2

Late Day Sunset 2

Mac Lake Early Sunrise

Waterfall & Fog

Super Moon Over Longs Peak

Foggy Fall River Mist


Splash of Brilliant Color

Sunburst at sunrise.

Natural Reflections and Borders

Longs Peak Reflections
STAND in the light, near Mt. Wilson
First sunlight on the cattails.
Brainard Lake

Some But Not Others

Reds at McIntosh Lake
Springtime at the Ponds.
Purple Mountains Reflections
Brainard Lake After the Rain
Wilson Peak
Brainard Lake
Four Seasons Composite
Standouts in the Fog
The Many Colors of Fall in Fog
Sandstone Ranch

On a Hot Summer's Day

The Clouds Will Eventually Part

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