Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Royal Bull

Foggy Takeoff

Snowy Egrets

Breakfast at McIntosh Lake
Flight to the Fields

Touchdown at Sunrise

Teton Grizzly 1

American Kestrel
On your mark, get set, go!
Seagull with wing shadow
Time for breakfast.
Gentle flight to the other side.
Cleared for landing on 1WL; gear down, check; flaps down, check; elevators up, check.
A smooth touchdown.
Taking in the view.
This is having all your ducks (geese) in a row.
Geese in the Fog
One if by day, two if by night.
Quick break.
Post nap stretch.
Post nap yawn. 

Pelican Scanning the Shore

Good Catch

Leisurely Swim

Owl Canyon Owl

After Takeoff

Yes, We Do Eat Crawdads

Eearly Spring Hatch

RMNP Bighorn

RNNP Stakeout

All to Myself

Backyard Fox

Heron Reflection

Spring Antlers

Canada Buddies

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