Utah is a unique state for a wide variety of landscapes. Everything from high mountain vistas, lakes, and streams to desert valleys, arches, an gorges. Great places to visit and photograph.
Mesa Arch near Moab, Utah. One of the most photographed spots in the world. The underside of the arch lights up when the sun reflects off a very steep ledge beneath the arch. This view requires a pre-dawn hike to get set up before the sun rises, as one hopes for a no-cloud day. We were fortunate on this day as conditions were just right.
Mesa Arch 2
Mesa Arch 3
Sunset from Arches National Park
Sunset from Arches National Park 2
Joes Valley, Utah
Chimney Rock. On the desert East of Castle Dale, Utah.
Straight Canyon, near Orangeville, Utah
Old cabin listing a little to the right. Near Lawrence, Utah
Joes Valley, Utah
Orangeville, Utah
Orangeville, Utah
The Steamboat, Orangeville, Utah. Many childhood memories here.
Joes Valley Reservoir. West of Orangeville, Utah. 

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