BACK HOME IN GALILEE - A composite of Bertel Thrvaldsen's original statues of the Christus and 12 apostles (displayed in the Church of Our Lady - Copenhagen, Denmark), around a reflecting pool, with a sunrise at the Sea of Galilee in the background.


Finding the Humor

Family Profiles

We All Have Work, Let No One Shirk, Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

A Most Sacred Reminder

........follow me and I wll make you fishers of men.  Matt 4:19

Sisters and New Brother

This is a composite of a view of an Arizona slot canyon superimosed onto a view of my brother's shed in Orangeville, Utah.  The result was surprising. What came into view was a Water Buffalo on the left, a dinosaur in the center, and a mummy on the right. The knots in the wood became eyes for the figures.

The Ranch

Steveston Harbor

Vail in summer.

Sunflower Pedals

Vail, Colorado Abstract Painting

Winter Shadows

Abstract Elk from Junk Parts

Motorcycle from Junk Parts

Trail to Maroon Bells

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