On the road to Salzburg. Countryside church on a hill.
Quaint village with shops and restaurants.
 Birthplace of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. "Geburtshaus" translation is "Birthing Center" or "Birthplace". 
Fun to walk down this narrow streets and go window shopping.
Mime appears to be levitated.
Good support structure in the books and keyboard.
Notice the number at the top. This house was here in 1286. (I think that's what they told us)
Headless guy on the bridge.
Couples have a tradition of putting a padlock on the fence then throwing the key into the river, a symbol of their love for each other will never die.
Very picturesque scene along the river.
Peaceful shady lane.
The next few images are from Mondsee, where the Sound of Music wedding was filmed.
The "Sound of Music" pavillion.
This is the original church were the Von Trapps were married.
Mondsee cathedral that is beaufiful inside. The images below tell the story.
The next few images are in Berchtesgaden. Adolf Hitler's Eagle's Nest is on top. You have to walk into the tunnel and take an elevator to the top.
Hitler's "Eagles Nest" overlooking the beautiful Bavarian Alps.
View from inside the "Eagles Nest".
Another georgeous view of the Alps.

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